Decrease in Cancer Antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9) Level

I am a housewife. 13 years ago, my thyroid gland has been removed. This year on 19/05/2011, I went to Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka to make ​​a general physical examination. From the examination, revealed that the cancer antigen (CA 19-9) in my body exceeded to 92U/ML (Normal 0-32 U / ML). So the doctor recommended me to come back to referral every 3 months.

My neighbour Mr. Tay have install eions ionized water filter system in his home. Then he took the eions ionized water for me to drink and I drink for about one month. Since I was worried, on 20/06/2011 (after 1 month), I went back to Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore.The doctor recommended me to do a check up against the Tumour Marker. When the report came out, the cancer antigen level dropped to 32.5U/ML. The doctor curiously asked me whether I did any special treatment that make the level drop so fast but that period I didn’t do any treatment. After that I chat with Mr. Tay and then only I get to know that the change was through drinking electrolysed water. I felt the results improve rapidly probably by the help of eions ionized water !